Welcome to Serra Navy JROTC!

Retrieve Personal Items Left in the Classroom

You will need to email me to coordinate this.  If there are no emails requesting access, no one will be there for to assist you.

What:   Personal gear retrieve from JROTC

When:  May 28th, 10am – 12pm

Where:  North Parking Lot (Drill Pad)

              In front of the JROTC hallway, building 400, (School Bus Parking Area)

Who:     Access will be limited to 3 students at a time.

How:     Strict adherence to  the social distancing protocol to including the wearing of

              appropriate masks.

All the Best,

Chief Feehley

For end of the year information and updates see Principal Renfree’s Blog


Questions or concerns contact:   LT Kelso or Chief Feehley